"Ip Man 4" star Donnie Yen reveals movie's release date

Donnie Yen says that this will be his final time reprising the titular role of the "Ip Man" franchise

20 Sep – The fourth instalment of the hit martial arts franchise "Ip Man" is set to premiere this December.

The news was shared by lead actor Donnie Yen, who uploaded a new poster of the said movie on his official Instagram account yesterday.

He wrote, "Thank you all for many years of love and support for this incredible journey! This [20 December], my fourth saga and the final!"

The "Ip Man 4" poster shared by Donnie Yen on his Instagram bears the movie's release date

In previous reports, it was revealed that "Ip Man 4" will revolve around Ip Man's new life in the United States in 1964, where the martial artist feels disheartened by the racism in his community.

It will also cover the relationship between Ip Man and his most famous pupil, Bruce Lee, who opened a Wing Chun school in San Francisco.

Danny Chan, known for his resemblance to the legendary actor, will play the role of Bruce Lee in the film.

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