It's another 'Batfleck reaction' to Robert Pattinson's casting as Batman

Robert Pattinson's casting as the new Batman got the fandom split again.

3 Jun – Remember when Batfleck was introduced to the world? Ben Affleck's casting as Batman really got the fandom split, and not exactly down the middle as the naysayers were definitely louder than the one rejoicing over it.

Well, looks like DC's done it again with their new Batman.

It was announced recently that Robert Pattinson, most known for starring as the lead vampire in the "Twilight" franchise, has officially been cast to play the titular superhero in "The Batman".

The movie, which is expected to begin pre-production this summer and open in North American cinemas on 25 June 2021, originally had Affleck as both director and star, but he later stepped down from both roles since Matt Reeves took over as helmer and the movie needed a younger Bruce Wayne.

Batman fans are once again torn apart, which is no surprised as even before the casting was confirmed, some fans were already petitioning against it. "Don't make the Batfleck mistake again," they begged.

Ultimately, in a final showdown between Pattinson and Nicholas Hoult that started about two weeks ago, Pattinson has emerged the official successor of the coveted cape and cowl.

The internet has been having fun with Pattinson's casting, in both positive and negative ways. As usual, celebration comes in the way of memes, so many memes.

While Batfleck didn't manage to win fans over even after three movies ("Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice", "Suicide Squad", "Justice League"), who's to say it'll be the same for Pattinson? Maybe the 33-year-old will turn out a surprise like the late Heath Ledger with his Joker role, which fans initially did not welcome but eventually loved after seeing his award-winning performance.

(Photo source: AllTheiLL Instagram)

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