Jackie Chan recounts near-death experience while filming latest movie

Jackie Chan shares his near-death experience while filming "Vanguard".
Jackie Chan shares his near-death experience while filming "Vanguard".

27 Dec - Jackie Chan recently admitted that he had a near-death experience filming his new movie, "Vanguard".

As reported on Inquirer, the actor, who spoke of his experience at the press conference of the said Stanley Tong-helmed movie in Beijing recently, joked that one needs to fight to survive when one is working with the said director – who has helmed many of his movies including "Rumble in the Bronx" and "The Myth".

Sharing with the media how he was trapped under a rock while filming a jet ski scene and almost drowned, the actor – who assured the filmmaker and the crew on set that he was fine after his rescue – said that it only dawned on him hours later how close he was to death.

"When I took a shower later that night and remembered the incident, I suddenly felt really scared and started shaking. I was thinking about how I could have so easily died," he said.

Meanwhile, Stanley admitted that he was in full panic mode when the incident occurred and was near tears when Jackie emerged out of water.

Nonetheless, Jackie admitted that he is not one who has never experienced such close encounter before, having been an action star for decades.

"I spare no effort in every film, and I don't want to let the audience down," he added.

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