Jared Leto might be up for another sinister role

Will the serial killer role get an Oscar nod or a Joker reaction for Jared Leto
(pictured here as seen in "Blade Runner 2049")?

2 Aug – We've seen him play psychotic, drugged up and blind characters on the big screen, next we just might see Jared Leto play a serial killer.

Variety is reporting that the 47-year-old singer-actor, who is well known for his method acting, is in talks to play the role for the John Lee Hancock-helmed "The Little Things".

If the Oscar-winning Leto takes the deal, he'll be playing the killer that Denzel Washington's and Rami Malek's characters are after in the movie.

To be penned by director Hancock, "The Little Things" tells of Deke (Washington), a Kern County, Calif. deputy sheriff, and Baxter (Malek), an LASD detective, who are working together to catch a serial killer.

Deke, who is secretly wrestling a dark secret from his past, has a nose for the "little things", which comes in useful when it comes to collecting clues. However. his willingness to sidestep the rules leaves Baxter in a dilemma.

Leto has wrapped up filming "Morbius", Sony's Marvel Universe movie that's set for release in 2020, so if he were to take the offer, there should be no issue for him to join "The Little Things" production that is set to begin this fall.

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