Michael B. Jordan finally addresses "Superman" rumours

Michael B. Jordan neither confirms nor denies rumours of him playing Superman.
Michael B. Jordan neither confirms nor denies rumours of him playing Superman.

26 Dec – Michael B. Jordan has finally responded to rumours of him becoming the next Superman – by neither confirming nor denying it.

As reported on Cinema Blend, in an interview with MTV recently, the "Black Panther" actor, who was one of the names that have been floated to succeed Henry Cavill as the most famous American superhero, gave an ambiguous answer about the whole issue.

He expressed, "I've been rumoured to play Morpheus to Superman to Duck Tales reboot to Power Rangers and everything in between, so it's like, I'm kinda used to the rumours I'm playing something. But anything that I do dive into has to be done the right way. It has to be full of authenticity."

Admitting that he himself is a fan of comic books, Jordan stated that he would feel the same way about certain things and would not blame some fans for expressing their opinion about the matter.

"So just know, if I ever were to dabble in anything, it would be authentic and something that I feel like people would really support," he added.

Henry Cavill is still beloved by many Superman fans.

Back in January this year, Ben Affleck announced that he was leaving the DC Extended Universe after playing Batman/Bruce Wayne in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and "Justice League", the same movies Cavill also starred in as Superman/Clark Kent.

Affleck has since been succeeded by British actor Robert Pattinson of "Twilight" fame.

However, the studio has been mum about Cavill's continued involvement in the extended universe, while the actor is currently enjoying the positive response to his Netflix series, "The Witcher".

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