Sammi Cheng plays challenging role in new novel-based movie

Sammi Cheng plays a woman who unites with the sisters she never knew she had to
run their family's hot pot restaurant.

3 Aug – Sammi Cheng admitted that she was happy to be able to be a part of Ann Hui's new movie, "Fagara", as it was based on a favourite novel of hers.

As reported on Singtao, the actress, who plays a woman who unites with her two previously unknown siblings to run the family's hot pot restaurant, shared that she has read the original novel by Amy Cheung prior to getting involved in the project.

"The story made a deep impression on me. I have always hoped to play such a character like the one in the film, someone who suppresses her feelings. The character has a deep misunderstanding of her father because of her childhood experience, and therefore has always been distant towards him," she said.

Sammi said that in order to play the role effectively, she would emulate the character's behaviour in real life by keeping herself busy all the time, so that she would keep her emotions bottled up.

"It was challenging to play the character, as she denies the importance of her father in her life by keeping the hate in her," she said.

The movie, directed by Heiward Mak and produced by Ann Hui, co-stars Megan Lai, Li Xiaofeng, and Kenny Bee.

(Photo source: HK01)

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