Hong Kong celebrities entertain themselves while stuck in Malaysia

Writer: Heidi Hsia

Carlos Chan are among the Hong Kong celebrities stuck in Malaysia.
Carlos Chan are among the Hong Kong celebrities stuck in Malaysia.

20 Mar – Stranded in Malaysia following the government's Movement Control Order, Hong Kong celebrities Carlos Chan, Charlene Choi and Kenny Kwan have been spending their time looking for ways to entertain themselves.

Yesterday, the three stars posted on Instagram new photo of themselves with their respective activities as they try to complete the two-week partial lockdown.

Despite having all of his events cancelled, Kenny - the ever-so efficient artiste - continued to promote a cosmetic brand and also keeps himself busy playing with a phone app with Charlene.

The photos posted by Kenny (L) and Charlene (R) on their respective Instagram accounts.

Meanwhile, Charlene recently posted photos and video of her shaving and styling her assistant's hair.

She wrote, "How much trust do you have in your friend to have them cut your hair? My assistant asked me to cut her hair today. But is it because she wants a haircut or just so that I won't get bored? But I lived up to expectations. Designing a revolutionary hairstyle."

As for Carlos, he posted a selfie showing off only the lower part of his face to reveal the 5 o'clock shadow. He wrote, "Stay at the hotel. It's time to shave."

The three stars were among the few Hong Kong cast members of the new web drama, "Female Forensic JD", who were filming in Kuala Lumpur prior to the 14-Day Movement Control Order.

(Photo source: Carlos Chan's Instagram)

Cinema Online, 20 March 2020

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