"No Time to Die" delays worldwide release due to coronavirus

Fans will have to wait some time before "No Time to Die" opens in cinemas.
Fans will have to wait some time before "No Time to Die" opens in cinemas.

5 Mar – Even James Bond isn't immune to coronavirus (COVID-19). "No Time to Die" will need some time to wait out the current epidemic as moviegoers are understandably quite unwilling to venture into public places at the moment.

Originally scheduled to open globally next month, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), Eon Productions and Universal Pictures have decided to delay the movie's release, according to The Guardian.

The 25th Bond movie – and the last to star Daniel Craig – will only open in UK cinemas this 12 November and in US cinemas this 25 November.

The delay was due to fears of the global box office being impacted for as much as USD5 billion because of the coronavirus outbreak, since cinemas in China, Japan, South Korean and Italy have started to momentarily close down to prevent the virus' widening spread.

With a production budget of USD250 million, the movie will want to amass as much box office collection as it could, which means opening in as many cinemas – especially outside of the US, where the last four "Bond" movies made 70% of their gross.

The postponement of the movie also comes following outcry from fans, who asked for it to be delayed after news broke of "Mulan" postponing its release in China, South Korea and Japan. Fans are worried of missing out on the latest Bond adventure if it is release ahead in the Western markets, while cinemas in the East side of the world will have to wait until the epidemic dies down before being able to watch it.

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