John Cusack shares clips of police attacking him for filming at protest

John Cusack shares on Twitter clips of his attack.
John Cusack shares on Twitter clips of his attack.

1 Jun – John Cusack was among the celebrities who took to the streets last weekend to protest over the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd.

The actor, who was sharing video and audio clips he recorded at the protests in Chicago, revealed that he was attacked by police while filming a "burning car".

In the audio clip that he posted on his Twitter account, a man – presumably a police officer – could be heard harshly telling him to get out of there, while hitting his bike with a baton.

The actor later shared a video showing the officers who "gently tuned up" his bike with their batons.

Cusack has continued a steady stream of updates on the protests on his social media, even revealing that pepper spray was involved at some point – used not just on the protesting crowd, but also on journalists trying to cover the incident.

The nationwide protests last weekend was sparked by the death of unarmed black man George Floyd, who died while in the Minneapolis police custody. Protesters are demanding all four officers involved in the death to be charged.

Actor Kendrick Sampson, singer Halsey and rapper Machine Gun Kelly are also among the celebrities that have spoken out against the police brutality and took part in the protests.

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