Chris Rock's "Spiral" among postponed Lionsgate titles

Chris Rock's "Spiral" will not be sawing through the big screen anytime soon.
Chris Rock's "Spiral" will not be sawing through the big screen anytime soon.

18 Mar – As more and more cinemas close amid COVID-19 concerns, this leads to more Hollywood studios pulling their movies from their release schedules.

The latest to do so is Lionsgate, who has postponed the release of the Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson-starring "Spiral".

The ninth instalment of the horror franchise "Saw" was originally set to open in cinemas this May, having been moved from its October 2020 release previously. However, it is now undated while the studio finds the right time to finally release it.

"Spiral" director Darren Bousman announced the news on his Twitter, stating that while he was excited for fans to "see the macabre madness" they had in store, the movie has to be postponed so as not to endanger the lives of fans and supporters.

Another two Lionsgate titles, the mother-daughter horror thriller "Run" and rapper Janelle Monáe's horror drama "Antebellum", both also originally slated for May 2020, have now been delayed.

Meanwhile, in Malaysia, local productions have also started delaying movie releases. Malay-language horror comedy "Takut ke Tak" is the latest to be postponed, following the previously announced "Roh".

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