Michael Bay is working on a pandemic movie

Michael Bay will be producing the pandemic movie, "Songbird".
Michael Bay will be producing the pandemic movie, "Songbird".

21 May – Will there be explosions in this pandemic movie? You can bet Michael Bay will find a way to slip them in somehow.

Deadline is reporting that the "Transformers" director is producing a low-budget movie about the current pandemic, which will be called "Songbird" and filmed during the pandemic itself.

However, the pandemic thriller will be set two years into the future, where it is imagined that lockdowns are being reinstated because the virus, instead of getting eradicated, continues to mutate. Reportedly, the movie will deal with paranoia and governmental conspiracy.

"Into the Dark" helmer Adam Mason will be directing from a script he wrote with "Misconduct" writer Simon Boyes.

Production on the movie is expected to begin in five weeks' time. Interestingly, the filming will be done in Los Angeles during lockdown, possibly making it the first project to do so in the city.

Reportedly, there will never be people in a room together during filming as social distancing rules will still apply. Crew members will leave the room after prepping the shots and there will be no face to face interaction between the actors.

There is no release date set yet and casting is still underway.

(Photo source: Collider)

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