Henry Golding's "Snake Eyes" is also postponed to 2021

Henry Golding's "Snake Eyes" faces yet another delay.
Henry Golding's "Snake Eyes" faces yet another delay.

29 Jul – As is the norm with Hollywood blockbusters this year, most are dropping off the 2020 release schedule and moving to 2021 slates.

The latest to be postponed to next year is the Henry Golding-starring "Snake Eyes" (also known as "G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes" or "Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins"), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Regarding the specific 2021 date it's moving to, that hasn't been confirmed. Brian Goldner, Hasbro's chairman and CEO, only stated, "We're working out the specifics with Paramount."

Originally the latest instalment of the "G.I. Joe" franchise, which is intended as a reboot for the film series, was set to hit North American cinemas on 27 March. The same month, the COVID-19 pandemic was declared and cinemas worldwide began temporarily shutting down, forcing the movie to be delayed to 16 October.

It later made a slight change in release date, moving to 23 October, before it was pulled off the 2020 schedule completely a couple of days back.

Now the latest update is, of course, it will no longer be released this year and is looking for the right date for next year.

In "Snake Eyes", 33-year-old Golding stars as the titular original member of G.I. Joe and the movie is set to tell the character's origin story. Directed by Robert Schwentke ("The Divergent Series"), it also stars Andrew Koji, Iko Uwais, Úrsula Corberó and Samara Weaving.

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