"Tron 3" starring Jared Leto might be back in motion

 Jared Leto is still starring in a "Tron" movie after all.
Jared Leto is still starring in a "Tron" movie after all.

8 Jul – Jared Leto was first announced to star in a "Tron" movie about three years ago but there's been no update on it since.

Now the latest update from Disney fan news site The Dis Insider brought word that the movie is still happening.

Currently referred to as "Tron 3", reportedly it will no longer be a reboot but rather a sequel to the 1982 "Tron" and 2010 "Tron: Legacy". Talks of a third instalment have been around for some time but the project was cancelled in 2015 before it could go into production in October that same year.

"Tron: Legacy" leads Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde were supposed to have reprised their respective roles as Sam Flynn and Quora in the third movie.

Leto's involvement was then announced in March 2017. He was cast to star as a character named Ares in a reboot that would be built out of the previously scrapped "Tron 3" script. There was no mention of Hedlund and Wilde's return.

Now that the new instalment is reported to be a sequel again, the "Tron: Legacy" cast could reprise their roles and Joseph Kosinski could be directing again.

Music-wise, Daft Punk could also be returning to lend their futuristic, electronic musical touch to "Tron 3". But before all this could happen, fans will first have to wait for Disney to greenlight the project.

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