Jack Neo's "Ah Girls Go Army" begins production

Girls are in the army now
Girls are in the army now

16 Nov - Following the success of his comedy, "Ah Boys to Men", Jack Neo is back with another national service-themed comedy movie, this time centering on girls instead.

The new movie, "Ah Girls Go Army", recently launched its production, with 14 fresh faces being introduced as the cast of the new movie, joining original star Apple Chan, who will be playing a different role named Lieutenant Tan.

This new instalment is set in the possible-near future, where females will have to serve National Service as there are not enough males in Singapore. The story will focus on Singapore's first batch of female recruits - a bunch of Gen Z teens with different backgrounds and education.

Apple Chan returning to the franchise as a different character
Apple Chan returning to the franchise as a different character

"As they undergo the demanding Basic Military Training under the fierce leadership of their instructors, the girls find themselves being pushed to their physical and emotional limits. Together, they will overcome their resistance to serve National Service, face the challenges before them, and discover newfound abilities - using them to resolve and mend relationship issues in their personal life," read the synopsis.

The upcoming movie is slated for the Lunar New Year 2022 release on 1 February.

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