Bollywood's "Blind" remake starts filming in Glasgow

Writer: Heidi Hsia

South Korean thriller "Blind" gets a remake
South Korean thriller "Blind" gets a remake

5 Jan - The production of the Bollywood remake, "Blind" has now begun in Glasgow, Scotland.

The movie, which would be India's take on the 2011 South Korean thriller of the same name, stars Sonam Kapoor in the lead, with co-stars that include "A Suitable Boy" actor Vinay Pathak and "Sense8" star Purab Kohli.

It also marks the directorial debut of Shome Makhija, who previously worked as an associate director on several films including the Amitabh Bachchan-starrer, "Badla" - which is also a remake of the Spanish thriller, "Contratiempo".

Kapoor also recently shared a photo of her and her team in Glasgow to prepare for the movie, writing on social media, "All in our small little bubble. The A Team ... #BLIND #GIA .. our little normal.."

Sonam Kapoor and her team in Scotland

The original film stars Kim Ha-neul as Min Soo-ah; a promising police cadet whose dream career ended after she lost her eyesight in a horrific accident, but found herself dragged into a murder case after she suspected the driver of a taxi that picked her up to be the perpetrator.

The upcoming film will be adhering to COVID-19 protocols throughout production in Glasgow.

The original stars Kim Ha-neul as a blind woman helping the police solve a murder case
Cinema Online, 05 January 2021