"Evil Dead 4" to begin filming this year

9 Mar – Bruce Campbell recently confirmed that the much talked fourth instalment of the "Evil Dead" trilogy, "Evil Dead Rise" is set to begin shooting this year.

The actor, who is most known for his role as the iconic Ash Williams in the trilogy, revealed that he will be travelling to New Zealand for the shoot, where the spinoff series, "Ash vs Evil Dead" was also previously shot.

"It's out of the woods, that's the best thing to say," said Campbell, who remains tight-lipped about the details of the project.

While the first three movies were helmed by Sam Raimi, the fourth instalment will instead be directed by Lee Cronin of "The Hole in the Ground" fame. Cronin reportedly was hand-picked by Raimi himself to replace him.

The original film was a low budget horror debut by Raimi that followed a group of teens as they inadvertently summoned an army of Deadites during a short vacation in a remote cabin.

Following the cult success of the 1981 film, Raimi followed it up with two more movies, the 1987's "Evil Dead 2" - in which Campbell's Ash Williams was first transformed as the iconic zany character with the loss of his left hand, and 1992's "Army of Darkness" which used the element of time-travelling, bringing Ash and his fight against the Deadites to the Middle Ages.

The franchise has also spawned a media empire that includes video games, comic book series, a now-defunct television show, and a movie remake in 2013.

Ash was quite the normal guy in the first movie

Then his right hand turned evil in "Evil Dead II", and all bets are off

By the time "Army of Darkness" arrived, Ash Williams was fully transformed into the sarcastic antihero

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