Catherine Zeta-Jones to channel creepy-elegance as Morticia in "Wednesday"

Darling, I always wear black
Darling, I always wear black

11 Aug – After much speculations, it was revealed that Catherine Zeta-Jones will be playing Morticia Addams in the upcoming Netflix's "The Addams Family" project, "Wednesday".

The actress will be joining Luis Guzman, who will be playing her husband Gomez, while the titular character of Wednesday has been given to Jenna Ortega of "Yes Day" fame.

Currently set for eight episodes, the Tim Burton Netflix series will follow the story of Morticia and Gomez's daughter Wednesday and her time at Nevermore Academy as she tries to navigate her life while unravelling a 25 year-old mystery involving her parents.

Jenna Ortega plays Wednesday in the upcoming Netflix show

The poster is so cool

A few stars have played Morticia since it was first adapted for TV and movies. The most famous actress to play the role was Anjelica Huston, who starred in "The Addams Family" and its sequel "Addams Family Values" in the '90s.

Prior to Zeta-Jones, it was rumoured that Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday in the aforementioned two movies, was approached for the role.

Catherine Zeta-Jones is famously married to veteran actor Michael Douglas

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