"Death on the Nile" to release with Armie Hammer in it

Armie Hammer is part of the ensemble cast of the Hercule Poirot whodunit film
Armie Hammer is part of the ensemble cast of the Hercule Poirot whodunit film

23 Dec – Despite the scandal that has plagued one of its stars Armie Hammer, it looks like the upcoming mystery-thriller "Death on the Nile" will continue with its release with the said actor in it.

On 21 December, Disney and 20th Century began its marketing campaign for the said Kenneth Branagh's Poirot movie - which is set to be released on Valentine's Day weekend 2022 by releasing a new trailer and poster.

However, despite Hammer supposed "cancellation" following his previous scandal, his image has not been edited out from the said trailer as well as the poster, which has the whole ensemble on board a ship.

It is noted that production on the movie has been concluded since late 2019. With Hammer playing one of the major characters in the star-studded film that include the likes of Gal Gadot, Annette Benning, Letitia Wright and Rose Leslie, the studio decided not to recast the role with reshoots.

This is the second time that a Branagh-Agatha Christie adaptation opted not to recast its stars, after the studio decided to release "Murder on the Orient Express" in 2017 with Johnny Depp amid his alleged abuse scandal with Amber Heard.

Armie Hammer withdrew from Jennifer Lopez's "Shotgun Wedding" amidst the scandal

It was early this year that Hammer was accused by multiple women of rape and abuse - allegations that the actor denied on social media. However, Hammer had since been dropped from multiple projects as the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that he was the subject of a sexual assault investigation.

Watch the trailer here:

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