Don Cheadle returning as James 'War Machine' Rhodes in "Armor Wars"

James 'War Machine' Rhodes will have his own series
James 'War Machine' Rhodes will have his own series

23 Aug – Don Cheadle will be donning his War Machine suit again for the upcoming Marvel series, "Armor Wars".

The series will be produced by Kevin Feige, and will explore what happens when Tony Stark's "Iron Man" technology falls into the wrong hands.

As reported on Collider, the actor's "Black Monday" co-star Yassir Lester is set to write the upcoming project about the character in the new series, which will be a part of Disney+.

Aside from Don Cheadle in the lead, no other stars have been announced yet

Aside from Lester writing and Cheadle returning as his Marvel character, the project has yet to find a director or any co-stars just yet.

The upcoming project will be another one of Marvel Disney+'s series after the successes of its many predecessors including "WandaVision", "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier", and "Loki", and its upcoming line-up includes "Hawkeye", "She-Hulk", and "Ms. Marvel".

Yassir Lester is a comedian who stars and writes the comedy, "Black Monday"

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