Denis Villenueve reveals "Dune" will be a 2.5 hour movie

The movie is based on Frank Herbert's 1965 sci-fi fiction, "Dune"
The movie is based on Frank Herbert's 1965 sci-fi fiction, "Dune"

23 Aug – Although it would not be the longest movie runtime ever, Denis Villenueve recently revealed that the runtime for "Dune" would be one of the longest of his movies.

In an interview with La Presse, a Quebec-based newspaper, the filmmaker stated that the upcoming sci-fi film will have a duration of two hours and 35 minutes (155 minutes), and that was the result after a lot of cuts in the editing room.

"It is true that if Joe [Walker] and I had let go, we could have done a version of several hours because I filmed a lot. But the final version is really the one that ends up on the screen. I have never done a director's cut of any of my films," he said.

Denis Villenueve's longest movie is "Blade Runner 2049"

This also means that the movie will be 20 minutes longer than the previous 1984 adaptation by David Lynch.

In a previous interview, Villenueve revealed that he has also made plans for the second movie, stating that it will have Zendaya being in the forefront instead of its lead, Timothee Chalamet; and that he is also planning to turn the project into a trilogy with "Dune 3"; adapting the second Frank Herbert Dune book, "Dune Messiah".

"Dune" is set to premiere in theatres in September before going to HBO Max a month later.

Part One will be seen from Timothee Chalamet's Paul Atredas' point of view


Part Two is planned with Zendaya - who plays Chani - in the lead

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