"Enola Holmes" to release first original graphic novel in 2022

The spunky teen detective is back
The spunky teen detective is back

6 Dec - Following the hit Netflix adaptation of Nancy Springer's "Enola Holmes" series of books, it was revealed that Legendary Comics YA is creating a new graphic novel titled, "Enola Holmes: Mycroft's Dangerous Game".

The said graphic novel, which is helmed by Springer herself, is also a collaboration with writer Mickey George and artist Giorgia Sposito.

"We are so excited to expand Enola's world and story with an exciting new adventure in our graphic novel from this extremely talented creative team," says Legendary Comics' senior editor Nikita Kannekanti.

"Nancy has come up with a really fun story with some charming new characters and some returning familiar faces. I hope fans will enjoy solving the mystery with Enola!"

In "Enola Holmes: Mycroft's Dangerous Game", the teen detective is investigating the abduction of her older brother Mycroft by a group of anarchist, which will take her deep into the London Underground.

Enola with her brothers
Enola with her brothers

Other characters who will appear in the graphic novel include Lord Tewkesbury and a street kid named Shag.

The novel will be released in August 2022.