Henry Cavill to star in John Wick director's new "Highlander"

Henry Cavill will be wielding a sword again but not as "The Witcher"
Henry Cavill will be wielding a sword again but not as "The Witcher"

24 May – Henry Cavill is set to star in Lionsgate's upcoming reboot of the British fantasy action-adventure, "Highlander".

The news was confirmed by the said actor, who expressed on Instagram, "Very exciting news today! I've been a fan of Highlander since I was lad. From the movies in all of their 80s, Queen slathered glory to the TV show with an actor who looked remarkably like one of my brothers."

"Being not shy with swords, and having a director as talented as Chad Stahelski at the helm, this is an opportunity like no other. Deep diving into franchise storytelling with all the tools at our disposal, is going to make this an adventure I (and hopefully all of you) shall never forget."

Henry Cavill shared the news on his social media

The upcoming project will be helmed by Chad Stahelski, most known for his "John Wick" movies, while the script will be penned by Kerry Williamson.

The original 1986 movie starred Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery and Clancy Brown as immortal beings, hunting down one another ("There can only be ONE") and collecting more power. The film spawned four more sequels and three television series - including an American version starring Adrian Paul.

No news as to whether Cavill will play the same character from previous films or a brand new one.

On the other hand, Cavill will also be returning on the sequel to the hit Netflix movie, "Enola Holmes"

The original stars Sean Connery and Christopher Lambert

Cavill will reprise his role as Sherlock in "Enola Holmes"

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