J.J. Abrams to adapt DC's "Madame X" for HBO Max

Madame X is a lesser-known DC character, until now
Madame X is a lesser-known DC character, until now

28 Jun – It looks like JJ Abrams is adding another superhero work to his repertoire, as it was reported that he will be producing the DC Comics' "Madame X" for HBO Max.

Abrams and his company Bad Robot were revealed to have teamed up with Angela Robinson ("Professor Marston & the Wonder Women"), the latter who will pen the script and supervise the said project - which is now in early development stages.

Did you know that JJ Abrams directed two "Star Wars" movies and one
"Mission: Impossible" film?

First appeared in the DC Comics universe in 1978, Nimue is an immortal sorceress who uses tarot cards to tell the future. She has existed during King Arthur's time as it was revealed that she had tried to cast a spell on Merlin, who retaliated and blinded her. She took on the alias of Madame Xanadu in modern days, setting up shop in New York where she reads people's fortunes. She is part of the Justice League Dark universe, and has helped the Suicide Squad as well as serving as Spectre's spiritual adviser. She is also revealed to be the mother of the villain Doctor Destiny.

It is noted that "Madame X" is just one of the few DC Universe projects that Abrams' company is currently helming. The company is also producing a Justice League Dark TV series, the animated "Batman: Caped Crusader", as well as the upcoming Ta-Nehisi Coates' new "Superman" movie.

The company is also prepping up for a "Constantine" series as part of the Justice League Dark plans. The character Madame X is also likely to be part of that larger franchise.

Madame X first appeared in comic books in 1978

A sorceress and a clairvoyant .. deadly combination indeed