Kajol can't wait to get back to work

Eager to get back to work
Eager to get back to work

6 Aug – Now that she is back in India, Kajol is excited to start working again.

The actress, who has been staying in Singapore for six months to accompany daughter Nysa - who resumed her studies there - admitted that she really missed home while she was in the country.

"Singapore is a lovely city and I had a great time there. But I was in two minds because my son was in Mumbai. As a mother, you always feel that a piece of you is missing when you aren't around one of your kids and so, you aren't completely happy."

Kajol with her daughter Nysa

Kajol also admitted that she cannot wait to get back to acting again, saying, "I've gone through long periods of not working and have always been quite okay with it. I was happy living my life my way. But for the first time in two-and-a-half years, I was missing work," she admits.

However, the actress denied that she will be appearing in Rajkumar Hirani's next movie, saying that she hasn't been approached for such a project.

"I'm reading and listening to scripts and virtually meeting people to hear ideas. But I haven't locked anything as of now," she said.

Fans who are missing the actress can watch Kajol on Netflix through "Tribhanga".

Kajol has been married to Ajay Devgan since 1999

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