Kareena Kapoor doesn't want sons to be movie stars

A family holiday..  can you see Baby Jeh beside Kareena?
A family holiday.. can you see Baby Jeh beside Kareena?

18 Aug – She may have two handsome boys that inherit her good looks and husband Saif Ali Khan's charisma, but according to Kareena Kapoor, she would rather not her two boys join showbiz in the future.

The actress, who sat down for an interview to promote her new book, "Kareena Kapoor's Pregnancy Bible" recently, stated that she is now more focused on raising her 4 year-old son Taimur and baby boy Jeh well and turn them into gentlemen.

"I want people to say in the future that my sons have been brought up well and they are of a good heart," she said.

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As for becoming a movie star like her and Saif, Kareena is not keen on that at all.

"I don't like my son to be a film star. If Tim (Taimur) comes to me and says he has to climb Mount Everest it's his choice. I will support him in this," she stressed, adding that she will never be a helicopter mother.

On the other hand, on the topic of her sons' resemblance to her and Saif, Kareena said that Taimur looks more like Saif, while Jeh resembles her more.

"Jeh looks exactly like me. Tim has gone to his father Saif. After six months of his birth, Tim was not comfortable seeing new people. That's where Jeh has no problem with it. There is a lot like Saif in Taimur. That's where we have a great mix. Tim is a typical Sagittarius," she said.

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