Fu Manchu is not part of "Shang-Chi"!

Shang-Chi, I am your father
Shang-Chi, I am your father

20 Aug – Kevin Feige recently stressed that there is nothing for Chinese fans to be angry about when it comes to Marvel's "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" villain, as the franchise has long departed from the racist character Fu Manchu.

The Marvel president, who was asked about the previous backlash from China against the movie over the said character, stated that Fu Manchu is not part of the movie and would never be a part of the MCU.

"[Fu Manchu] is not a character we own or would ever want to own," he said. "It was changed in the comics many, many, many years ago. We never had any intention of [having him] in this movie."

"Definitively, Fu Manchu is not in this movie, is not Shang-Chi's father, and again, is not even a Marvel character, and hasn't been for decades."

It is noted that Hong Kong award-winning actor Tony Leung, who plays Shang-Chi's father in the movie, is named Wen Wu, and has been revamped to be more complex to avoid stereotypes. Tony's casting as the superhero's villain first sparked criticism among the Chinese fans, with many threatening to boycott the actor's work if he decided to do the film.

Starring Simu Liu as the titular character, the movie is set to be released in theatres in September.

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Simu Liu plays the titular Shang-Chi in the new Marvel movie

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