Kit Harington has turned down one superhero movie before "Eternals"

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From protector of the realm in "GOT" to the Black Knight

2 Nov – Did you know that prior to playing the role of Dane Whitman in Marvel's "Eternals", Kit Harington was actually offered to work in another superhero movie?

That's what the "Game of Thrones" actor shared with Insider recently, saying that his decision to do "Eternals" and not the other superhero movie has something to do with the process.

"That other part I mentioned, it was sort of just thrown at me without much conversation. As nice as it is to have parts thrown at you that are offers, I didn't really feel that it was much collaboration," he said.

Kit Harington plays Dane Whitman in "Eternals"

However, Harington stated that it was different with "Eternals", as producer Nate Moore called him up to discuss the role.

"He talked through this character with me and my part in this film, particularly, and then I met with Chloe [Zhao]," he said referring to the film's director.

The actor added that the fact that he is no longer a part of a different franchise played a role in his decision as well, as he had already hung his cloak as Jon Snow in the popular HBO series when the offer came.

"There's a space where it can live in my life and my head," he added.

When asked how he felt about collaborating with his "Game of Thrones" pal, Richard Madden again, who left the HBO show in the third season, the actor stated that Madden came into the project much earlier than he was, adding that it was more of the actor's movie than his, seeing that Madden plays a bigger role than him.

"I knew this wasn't my movie. This is Richard's movie, if it's anyone's out of the two of us. So I'm coming in as his guest, in a strange sort of way," he continued.

It is noted that Dane Whitman in the comic book ends up becoming the superhero Black Knight, which means that audiences will possibly be seeing more of Harington in future Marvel movies.

Richard Madden and Kit Harington previously worked together in "Game of Thrones"

Dane Whitman is Black Knight in the comics

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