Ma Dong-seok to co-produce American remake of "Trap"

Writer: Heidi Hsia

Ma Dong-seok (a.k.a. Don Lee) will adapt the Korean series for American audiences.
Ma Dong-seok (a.k.a. Don Lee) will adapt the Korean series for American audiences.

20 Apr – "Train to Busan" actor Ma Dong-seok (a.k.a. Don Lee) is set to adapt the popular Korean series, "Trap" into an American show to be renamed, "The Club".

The news was shared by producing partner Chris Lee, who announces, "The Club will bring U.S. and global audiences a premium, serialized drama series showcasing one of the high-profile stars of this year's most highly anticipated superhero films."

"Korean drama is delightfully shocking and our team will ensure this adaptation delivers the authenticity," he added.

Ma Dong-seok is most known to international fans for "Train to Busan"

Ma is also set to star in the American version and play the role of a veteran detective who - upon investigating a mysterious group of hunters after they attacked a famous news anchor and his family on a camping trip - found himself faced with a twisted mystery orchestrated by an elite group.

The original limited series, which was aired on OCN in 2019, stars Sung Dong-il and Lee Seo-jin.

On the other hand, Ma, known as Don Lee to his American counterparts, will also be seen next in Marvel's "Eternals".

The original "Trap" stars Lee Seo-jin and Sung Dong-il

Ma to be seen next in Marvel's "Eternals"

Cinema Online, 20 April 2021

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