"The Matrix" pokes fun at Facebook rebranding

Which do you choose?
Which do you choose?

1 Nov – Mark Zuckerberg just can't catch a break these days.

After announcing that the social media platform will be changing its corporate name to Meta, the official Twitter of "The Matrix Resurrections" film decided to join the Twitter party in mocking the Facebook CEO.

The whole thing started with Zuckerberg announcing on 29 October that the company would be changing its name to Meta in an effort to unite its various platforms under one umbrella. He also revealed plans for a virtual reality world to be called the Metaverse, which he says will be the future of the internet.

In response to the announcement, the movie shared an image of its iconic red pill and blue pill, and written across it the words, "Now, based on real events. The choice is yours."

It captioned it with the hashtag #Meta.

Netizens couldn't help but find it hilarious, with one writing, "Jesus, you didn't have to slay the THAT hard."

However, some, who paid no attention to Zuckerberg's announcement, did not understand the reference, asking instead, "Based on real events? What does that mean?"

It is noted that Facebook has been facing numerous criticisms over its lack of online safety, becoming the hub of hate-speech and data harvesting.

On the other hand, "The Matrix Resurrections", which sees the return of Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Ann Moss and more, is set to arrive in theatres and HBO Max on 22 December.

Neo will be back

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