Mel Gibson in talks to direct "Lethal Weapon 5"

The buddy-cop action franchise has spawned four films
The buddy-cop action franchise has spawned four films

17 Nov – It looks like there will be a fifth movie in the "Lethal Weapon" franchise after all, and its star Mel Gibson may be the one to direct it.

The news was revealed by Gibson himself recently during an interview in London, stating that he is in talks to direct and star in the movie, though there has been no official word about it.

It is noted that the fifth film was originally set to be helmed as the last project for franchise director Richard Donner. However, it did not come to fruition following Donner's passing in July this year.

Mel Gibson may take over from the late Richard Donner

It was also supposed to be the final film in the said series, with Donner telling the media, "It's both my privilege and duty to put it to bed. It's exciting, actually... Hahaha! It's the last one, I'll promise you that."

The latest instalment is planned for a HBO Max release, though that is the only confirmed information we have. No news as to whether the original cast members like Danny Glover and Rene Russo will return for the movie aside from Gibson.

The last "Lethal Weapon" movie was released in 1998.

The last movie of the franchise was released in 1998

"Lethal Weapon 4" was Jet Li's debut in the American movie industry

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