Donald Sutherland calls from the grave in Stephen King's "Mr Harrigan's Phone"

Writer: Heidi Hsia

Mr Harrigan's Phone" is one of the four stories in Stephen King's "If It Bleeds"
"Mr Harrigan's Phone" is one of the four stories in Stephen King's "If It Bleeds

4 Oct – Netflix recently announced that it is set to adapt another Stephen King story, "Mr Harrigan's Phone".

The story, which is based on one of the four stories in King's most recent novella, "If It Bleeds", follows a small town boy named Craig who befriends a billionaire named Mr Harrigan, only to find that he is still able to communicate with the latter after Mr Harrigan's death via an iPhone that has been buried in the coffin with the deceased.

Donald Sutherland has already been cast to play the reclusive billionaire, with the role of Craig being given to Jaeden Martell, who previously starred in 2017's "It" - another Stephen King adaptation.

Stephen King, the very successful horror author

The upcoming movie will be helmed by John Lee Hancock of "The Blind Side" fame, with Jason Blum, Ryan Murphy and Carla Hacken producing.

This will be Netflix's fourth Stephen King adaptation, following the success of "1922", "Gerald's Game" and "In the Tall Grass" - the latter a novella co-written by King's son, Joe Hill.

Netflix previously adapted King's short story, "1922"

Cinema Online, 04 October 2021

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