Ryan Reynolds, Taika Waititi reacts to "Free Guy" trailer as Deadpool and Korg

The banter between Deadpool and Korg is so Ryan Reynolds
The banter between Deadpool and Korg is so Ryan Reynolds

15 Jul –Always aiming to entertain, Ryan Reynolds recently decided to promote his new movie, "Free Guy" as his most popular superhero character, Deadpool.

On 14 July, the actor uploaded a video on his YouTube channel clad in his Deadpool costume as he mimicked the many reaction videos online by starting his own "React" video to the said movie.

And he did not do it alone, bringing with him his "Free Guy" co-star and "Thor" director/actor Taika Waititi in all his Korg magnificence. Waititi had played Korg in "Thor: Ragnorok."

"Free Guy" has had its release dates delayed several times since it concluded production

The two then began to hilariously react to the trailer, going ga-ga over Jodie Comer (or "Jodie Foster" according to Korg) as the actress appears on screen, with Deadpool expressing hope that the movie will not "fridge" her (a term defined as killing off or hurting a female character in order to motivate or torture the main character) just like in "Deadpool 2"; expressing their thoughts about Waititi's villain character Antoine ("Looks like he's got four arms and the two lower ones have got gloves on. I like him," said Korg); and making mundane comments about several action scenes in the trailer.

The video ends in Deadpool's usual fashion, as he asks Korg for advice on how to get into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Directed by Shawn Levy with a screenplay by Matt Lieberman and Zak Penn, "Free Guy" is set to be released in August this year, following multiple delays.

Let's check out the video here:

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