Saif Ali Khan doesn't mind being the 'less successful' Khan

Saif gets more time to spend with his family while experimenting with many roles
Saif gets more time to spend with his family while experimenting with many roles

25 May – Saif Ali Khan is not at all affected by the notion that he is the 'lesser' Khan compared to Aamir, Salman and Shah Rukh.

The actor, who is known more for his character work, revealed in an interview recently that not enjoying the same success as the other Khans has worked in his favour as it enables him to experiment and forge his own path as an actor.

"I have to say these guys - Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir - were kind of born somehow to be actors. I think it must have been a childhood ambition. Certainly, I know it was for two of them. I don't know if it was Salman's ambition anyway but he was certainly built for it and made for the kind of success he saw," he said.

Saif thinks the three Khans must have a certain childhood ambition to get where they are today

Saif stated that he joined the Bollywood film industry at a time where one has to want to become a superstar or not bother at all.

"And there's a point there. It wasn't really about nuance, different kinds of characters... all that has happened now," he said.

Saif, whose recent works include the Amazon Prime series, "Tandav", "Jawaani Jaaneman", and "Tanhaji" - the latter won him a Best Supporting Actor at the Filmfare Awards, stated that he has become more interested in acting and understands it better now after experimenting with various roles.

"For me, films have also changed. I am being offered complex roles and parts, and it is possible to make a lucrative living that can support a fairly lovely lifestyle," he said.

Saif Ali Khan plays the lead role in "Tandav" as a charismatic political leader fighting for the chair of Prime Minister

Saif is married to Bollywood A-listed actress Kareena Kapoor

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