Salman Khan denies having a secret wife and child

At 55 years of age, Salman Khan is still one of the most eligible bachelors in Bollywood
At 55 years of age, Salman Khan is still one of the most eligible bachelors in Bollywood

23 Jul – Salman Khan has recently declared that he is still very much unmarried, and not having a secret wife and kid who he is hiding away in another country. Yup, he is still a bachelor.

The actor recently addressed his trolls in Arbaaz Khan's talk show, "Pinch", in which the latter read some mean tweets about his superstar brother.

This include one tweet from last year that read, "Where are you hiding, you coward? All of India knows you're in Dubai with your wife and 17-year-old daughter. How much longer will you try to fool us?"

Salman appeared as a guest on his brother Arbaaz Khan's talk show

Salman, who was taken aback with the tweet at first, responded, "These people are very well-informed. This is all rubbish. I don't know whom they've spoken about, and where they've posted."

"Does this person really think I'm going to dignify them with a response? Brother, I don't have a wife. I live in India, at Galaxy Apartments, since the age of nine. I'm not going to respond to this person, all of India knows where I live," he added.

On the other hand, to another tweet that claimed Khan's house is a "den of vice", Salman responded "What did they see in my post that my house looks like a den of vice to them? There's no chance, because my father would shoot us both."

It is noted that Salman's parents live in the same Galaxy Apartments building as Salman, in a flat above his, to be exact. His father, Salim Khan, is a well-respected screenwriter.

Salman has been involved with several actresses over the years, with his most known romance to be with Aishwarya Rai. His last known romance was with Romanian beauty, Iulia Vantur.

Salman, seen here with his dad, says that his father would shoot him if the allegations
that his house is a den of vice is true.

Salman's last known romance is with Iulia Vantur

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