Simu Liu angers China netizens over past interview

The internet is forever, and anything and everything can be dug up
The internet is forever, and anything and everything can be dug up

13 Sep – Although it is already known that China was not a fan of "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" since the day that it was announced, it looks like a release date in the country could be a distant memory after its lead actor Simu Liu's recent statement that has now enraged Chinese mainland fans.

According to Deadline, mainland netizens, super sleuth that they are, recently dug up a 2017 interview of Liu with CBC, in which he spoke about his parents telling him of the conditions under Communist rule.

In the screenshots shared by a Chinese nationalist account, it alleged that Liu said, "When I was young, my parents would tell me these stories about growing up in communist China. They lived in the third world where you have people dying of starvation."

He then stated that his parents felt that Canada would be the place that they could go to give him a better future.

Marvel's first Asian superhero

It is noted that such similar statement was previously made by filmmaker Chloe Zhao, which led to China cancelling the release of her movie, "Nomadland" in the country and boycotting the Academy Awards.

The fact that Zhao is also directing another Marvel film, "Eternals" has now left everybody questioning whether the movie will be shown in China.

Chinese fans previously expressed disappointment upon hearing that Tony Leung was cast in "Shang-Chi" back when the movie was first announced, with many expressing concern that he will play the archetype Fu Manchu that is deemed an insult to the Chinese people.

Chinese fans previously expressed concern over Tony Leung playing the villain in "Shang-Chi"

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