Simu Liu chooses rom-com "One True Loves" as next project after "Shang-Chi"

I can do more than just fight
I can do more than just fight

3 Nov – "Shang Chi" star Simu Liu surprised many recently when it was announced that his next project following the hit Marvel superhero movie would be a romantic comedy film.

The Canadian actor, who became popular after nabbing the role of the Asian-American superhero, will be working alongside Philippa Soo and Luke Bracey in "One True Loves", an adaptation of the 2016 Taylor Jenkin Reid's novel of the same name.

The story follows Emma Blair (Soo), who finds herself having to choose between her new fiancé, Sam and her husband Jesse, the latter who had gone missing and presumed dead years earlier.

Simu will be playing the role of Sam.

Asked why he decided to do a rom-com following the Marvel movie, Simu stated that he wanted something different from "Shang-Chi" to challenge people's perception of himself and Asian people as a whole.

Simu is rocking the look with his "Shang-Chi' co-stars

"Coming off of an action/martial arts spectacle like Shang-Chi, I knew that much of the world was going to expect me to do more kung-fu films. It's always been important to me to constantly challenge people's perceptions of myself, as well as of Asian people as a whole," he said.

Simu stated that while he celebrates legendary actors such as Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Bruce Lee, he knew that his path is different from theirs.

"I am not a master of kung-fu, after all; I am an actor who trained very hard to embody the character that I was hired to play. As such, I'm beyond excited to step into Sam's shoes for this movie that I am deeply in love with," he said.

Shang-Chi, I am your father

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