Sylvester Stallone's paintings in exhibition in Germany

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Who would've thought that Rocky/Rambo can paint too

7 Dec – He writes, he acts, he produces, and he... paints?

Sylvester Stallone recently announced that his art exhibition, "Sylvester Stallone: The Magic of Being" has been launched at the Osthaus Museum at the German city of Hagen on 4 December.

The exhibition, which showcases all of his works from the late 1960s to the present, will be running until 20 February 2022.

"You know, maybe I should have been a painter. It sure would have meant a lot less stress," Stallone jested. "It's an amazing honour to have my work hanging here, next to some of the greatest artists in the world. This gallery world is still a very new world for me."

Sly's paintings are on exhibit

On the other hand, when asked why Stallone got his own exhibition, art dealer Mathias Rastorfer stated, "Is [celebrity art] about the art or about the celebrity? I remember people asking the same question when we first showed Karl Lagerfeld's art. Now every art museum in the world wants to show Largerfeld's work. It will be the same with Stallone."

It is noted that this is not the first time Stallone's art, which is inspired by the works of Jackson Pollack and Willem de Kooning, has been exhibited. The "Rocky" star previously had an exhibition at St Petersburg's State Russian Museum in 2013, and again in 2015 in France's Musee d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain.

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