Netizens suddenly calling for a Shah Rukh Khan boycott

He is much loved, but there's no pleasing everybody
He is much loved, but there's no pleasing everybody

20 Sep – In another "celebrity being boycotted" news, it was revealed that Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan recently went trending on Twitter for a new boycott campaign against him.

The whole #BoycottShahRukhKhan campaign seemed to spark recently after the actor praised his upcoming new movie "Pathan", with some netizens then began to share old photo of SRK with the current Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan back when the latter was yet elected.

They also shared several images, articles and various occurrences from the past where SRK was backing up Pakistani cricket players or speaking against intolerance in India.

Netizens use an old photo of SRK and Imran Khan to further the boycott campaign

SRK has met millions of fans, and the PM of Pakistan is one of them

However, the said boycott is now being overshadowed by SRK's fans and followers on social media, with many defending the said actor for his many achievements worldwide, as well as the fact that SRK has never showed any interest in any special group or making movies for election propaganda.

One Twitter user even listed down all of the actor's charity work, reminding others that SRK was a self-made megastar who didn't come from any Bollywood dynasty.

On the other hand, the actor is currently busy with the upcoming movie, "Pathan", which also co-stars Deepika Padukone, John Abraham, and Ashutosh Rana.

A Twitter user reminded everybody why they love King Khan

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