Shah Rukh Khan gets a doppelgänger on Instagram

This is Ibrahim and the resemblance to SRK is uncanny
This is Ibrahim and the resemblance to SRK is uncanny

8 Jun – A man named Ibrahim Qadri has recently went viral on social media for looking like a certain Bollywood icon.

The man in question, whose background remained unknown for the time being, suddenly gained attention on the internet for eerily looking like Shah Rukh Khan, even picking up SRK's dressing, the actor's hairdo, and overall demeanour.

He even shared several videos online mimicking SRK's performance style, from the actor's tendency to brush the back of his head while "singing", to his signature head tilt and finger point.

While one can see a slight difference in the two, particularly the shape of their nose, Ibrahim was able to hide it well by sporting a similar beard style to the "Chennai Express" star.

Here are some of the photos of Ibrahim versus Shah Rukh Khan. See if you can spot the difference.

He is smiling at you while tilting his head. Ibrahim or SRK?

Sad puppy dog eyes, tousled hair, ultimate brood. Ibrahim or SRK?

SRK has the tendency to take selfies from the weirdest angles. So is this Ibrahim or SRK?

Smug face? Checked. Chest flex? Checked. Ibrahim or SRK?

Ah, this one is a hard one. Ibrahim or SRK?

ANSWER: Ibrahim, SRK, Ibrahim, Ibrahim, SRK.

Ibrahim, who admits to be a big fan of the real SRK, now has more than 56,000 followers on Instagram.

Check out Ibrahim's performance.

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