Tony Leung explains why he didn't do failed father characters pre-Shang Chi

Tony's father had abandoned the family when Tony was a child
Tony's father had abandoned the family when Tony was a child

3 Sep – Tony Leung has always avoided playing failed father characters throughout his career, that is until "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" came around.

In an interview with GQ recently, the Hong Kong actor admitted that he had declined such a role before as it reminded him of his own past.

"Someone actually approached me to play the role of a failed father," Tony says, "but I rejected it because I don't want to be reminded of how my dad treated me."

How cool is this?! Tony Leung who plays Wenwu, poses with his action-figure

Tony stated that his father, a manager of a nightclub, left his mother several times before finally leaving for good when he was seven, making him feel abandoned and turning him reclusive.

"I didn't know how to deal with people after my father left me. When you're a kid, everybody's talking about their father, their family, how happy they are, how great their father is. I think from that time I stopped communicating with people. And I became very suppressed," he said.

However, Tony stated that rather than just seeing his character Wen Wu as a failed father, he tried to understand him better.

"He's a bad father, but on the other hand, I just see him as someone who loves his family deeply. I don't think he knows how to love himself," he said.

Tony Leung with his on-screen son, Simu Liu

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