Jamie Lee Curtis to release graphic novel, "Mother Nature"

The actress has just retired from her iconic role in the "Halloween" films
The actress has just retired from her iconic role in the "Halloween" films

2 Mar – Now that she has "resigned" from playing her iconic character Laurie Strode, Jamie Lee Curtis is moving on to the next big thing - directing and starring in the movie, "Mother Earth" and releasing the graphic novel adaptation of the said movie.

On 1 March, the actress unveiled the cover of "Mother Earth", the eco-horror graphic novel written by Curtis herself alongside filmmaker Russell Goldman, writing, "EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE the soon to be published Graphic Novel from my screenplay with [Russell Goldman] and brought to bloody life by [Karl Stevens] [Titan Comics]."

The upcoming graphic novel based on the upcoming movie, produced by Comet Pictures and Blumhouse, tells the terrifying tale of Nova Terrell, a young woman who is on the quest to bring justice against an oil giant that caused the death of her father.

However, as she further she dives into the company's mysteries, the more disturbing information she discovers, specifically surrounding their Mother Nature project and a terrifying entity that the company has brought to life and threatens to destroy all of them.

In a statement, Curtis expressed, "I first thought about this story when I was 19 years old. I've always been aware of the very unbalanced relationship between humans and nature, and even though I was young, I always knew that, inevitably, nature would win. I have long admired and collected Karl's work, and I'm very excited he suggested expanding the idea to turn it into a graphic novel. The partnership with Titan has now given us a wonderful platform to begin to tell our story."

The graphic novel is set to be released this fall.

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