R Madhavan's son prefers to swim than be in show biz

Vedaant Madhavan with his very proud Papa
Vedaant Madhavan with his very proud Papa

26 Apr – Making his own wave as an athlete rather than an actor, Vedaant Madhavan, son of actor R Madhavan, recently stated that he doesn't want to live under his father's shadow.

The 16-year-old swimmer, who recently won a gold medal in the Danish Open swimming event in Copenhagen in the 800m freestyle, shared that he has always wanted to make a name for himself instead of being known as R Madhavan's son.

At the same time, he is also grateful for his parents' effort in raising him and sacrificing for his sports.

"They are always looking after me. Both put so much effort. One of the main sacrifices my parents made was to shift to Dubai," he said, referring to the fact that the family moved to Dubai so that he can have a better training.

Madhavan is proud of Vedaant's achievements
Madhavan is proud of Vedaant's achievements

It is noted that Madhavan previously told the media that they moved to Dubai because the larger pools in Mumbai were closed due to the pandemic.

"We are here with Vedaant in Dubai where he has access to large pools. He's working towards the Olympics, and Sarita and I are right by his side," he said.

It is noted that the young man's recent gold medal is just one of the many achievements he has made, having won various competitions including seven medals at the 47th Junior National Aquatic Championships in 2021.

Madhavan shares a clip from Vedaant's recent victory.

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