Netflix slowly backing away from Will Smith's new project?

Studios are treading cautiously at the moment
Studios are treading cautiously at the moment

5 Apr – First, he withdrew from the Academy. Then, his upcoming movie "Bad Boy 4" halts development, and now it was reported that another one of Will Smith's projects has been moved to the back burner.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix had earlier put out an urgent call for a new director for its upcoming Will Smith-starrer, "Fast and Loose" after original director David Leitch withdrew from the project.

However, following the controversy surrounding Smith's recent attack against Chris Rock, the streaming service seemed to no longer think that the search for a new director would be that important.

It is now unclear whether or not Netflix will move forward with the film, or if it will not just replace its director, but the star as well. It has yet to make a comment about the situation.

The story of "Fast and Loose" revolves around a crime boss who loses his memory after an attack, and finds out soon after that he has been living a double life as both a kingpin and a CIA agent.

On the other hand, David Leitch will now be helming the Ryan Gosling-starrer "Fall Guy" for Universal.

There is reportedly a pause on the "Bad Boys 4" project as well

David Leitch is directing stuntman action drama "Fall Guy" starring Ryan Gosling

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