Bat prank disrupted "The Batman" screening in a Texas theatre

I do not find anything remotely funny
I do not find anything remotely funny

10 Mar – A screening of "The Batman" in a theatre in Austin, Texas had to be halted after a bat was released into the hall as some sort of a prank.

Yes, a live bat. How original...

The whole incident was recorded by several audience members, including one @Jeremiah24_, whose recording showed a bat flying above the audience as the movie was paused on screen.

Another audience member revealed that employees of the theatre tried to capture the bat themselves by turning off the lights inside the hall to get it to go to a lighted area, prior to the arrival of the animal control.

"There is a live bat in the theatre, Selina!"
"There is a live bat in the theatre, Selina!"

A spokesperson of the cinema theatre stated, "Local animal control was immediately contacted, and they have been overseeing the situation to ensure guest, associate, and animal safety. To ensure a prank like this does not again occur, we've added additional security and are checking all bags upon guest entry."

Despite offering full refunds, the spokesperson said that a majority of the audience decided to stay and finish the movie while the bat is doing its own thing.

This incident was one that is of an innocent nature when it comes to incidents occurring during the screening of a Batman movie. Back in 2012, 12 people were killed and 70 others injured when a man named James Holmes decided to set off tear gas grenades and committed mass shooting while audiences were watching a midnight screening of "The Dark Knight Rises" in a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado.

The bat can be seen flying around inside the Texas theatre below:

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