Shah Rukh Khan thanked Egyptian fan for helping his fellow countrywoman

An all-round Mr Nice Guy
An all-round Mr Nice Guy

25 Jan – Shah Rukh Khan recently made one Egyptian fan very happy after sending him a handwritten note to thank him for his hospitality towards Shah Rukh's fellow countrymen.

The whole thing started after Ashwini Deshpande, a professor from India, shared on Twitter that she was facing a problem trying to transfer money to an Egyptian travel agent.

"[The agent] said: You are from the country of Shah Rukh Khan. I trust you. I will make the booking, you pay me later. For anywhere else, I wouldn't do this. But anything for Shah Rukh Khan and he did!" she wrote.

She later met the said travel agent and thanked him for the gesture, and then requested for SRK's Red Chillies Entertainment to send a picture of SRK and an autograph to the Egyptian travel agent as a way for her to thank him.

Ashwini met the travel agent when she arrived in Egypt for her travel

On 2 January, Ashwini again gave an update about the story, and revealed that the Bollywood King has sent out three signed photos - one for the travel agent, one for his daughter, and one for Ashwini's own daughter, as well as a special message for the said agent.

It read, "Thank you for being kind to my fellow Indian. Very gracious and generous of you. May your kind soul be multiply."

An autograph from the Bollywood star

A sweet note to his Egyptian fan

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