"Top Gun: Maverick" passes US$ 400 mil in US box office

Tom Cruise is looking into the horizon straight to his bank account
Tom Cruise is looking into the horizon straight to his bank account

16 Jun – If there is one man who could surpass all the Batmans and the Doctors Strange of the world, it would be Lt. Pete "Maverick" Mitchell.

It was reported that "Top Gun: Maverick", the sequel to the 1986 film starring Tom Cruise, has officially passed US$ 400 million at the US box office, making it the highest grossing film of the year stateside.

Meanwhile, the said movie has also accumulated US$ 362 million internationally; bringing the total to US$ 783.8 million - and the movie still has a long way to go before it completes its theatrical run.

"Top Gun" scores and soars
"Top Gun" scores and soars

Sources believe that the movie is well within the striking distance of the US$ 1 billion mark, which will put it in the same category as last year's "Spider-Man: No Way Home", which became the biggest movie in the pandemic era.

However, whether or not the movie will maintain its current record remains to be seen as Marvel has several more superhero movies to be released this year, including the highly-anticipated "Thor: Love and Thunder".

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