Akshay Kumar is back to being Indian citizen again

Akshay got a Canadian citizenship during a lull in his career in the 90s
Akshay got a Canadian citizenship during a lull in his career in the 90s

18 Aug - Akshay Kumar recently celebrated India's Independence Day by announcing that he is now a full-fledged Indian citizen.

On 15 August, the Bollywood star posted a photo of his citizenship certificate, and wrote, "Both heart and citizenship are Indian. Happy Independence Day! Hail India!"

Fans took to the comments to congratulate the actor, with some made a joke about Akshay getting tired of the trolling and memes of him being a Canadian.

It is noted that Akshay held a Canadian passport, a fact he confirmed in past interviews.

The actor stated that he applied for Canadian citizenship in the '90s following a slew of box office flops.

Akshay's latest movie is 'OMG 2'
Akshay's latest movie is "OMG 2"

"I thought that 'Bhai, my films are not working and one has to work'. I went there for work. My friend was in Canada and he said, 'Come here'. I applied and I got in," he said.

"I had just two films left for release and it is just luck that they both became superhits. My friend said, 'Go back, start working again'. I got some more films and I kept getting more work. I forgot that I had the passport. I never thought that I should get this passport changed but now yes, I have applied to get my passport changed."

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