Atlee addresses "Jawan" plagiarism accusations

It's inspiration and not plagiarism
It's inspiration and not plagiarism
16 Nov - After much heated debate about his Shah Rukh Khan-starrer, "Jawan", South Indian filmmaker Atlee finally took some time to address allegations of plagiarism.

Earlier, several netizens took to social media to discuss about the movie, with some accusing its heist storyline to copy the hit Spanish series, "Money Heist", while others likened some of the scenes in the movie to several other films. This includes the Ajith Kumar-starrer, "Valimai", Liam Neeson's "Darkman", the Tamil movie, "Aparichit", and to some extent, "Sivaji the Boss".
Netizens recently accused Atlee of copying from other movies
Netizens recently accused Atlee of copying from other movies
In a recent interview, Atlee stated that it is hard not to make similar stories when you are in a creative field, though he sees it as inspiration rather than plagiarism.

"I was inspired by MGR (Ramachandran) songs and that's why I make intro songs. I take risks. In 30 years, no one has told Shah Rukh Khan the kind of story I had and went with such a proposal. Do you think only I face such criticism in the world of cinema? Many great filmmakers and creative minds have faced it," he said.

He continued, "When someone just passes a comment in two seconds comparing mine to other films, I will never think my effort, honesty, and labour are all replicas. It's their thoughts. Of course, I have made films which have shared storylines with other films. For example, 'Theri' has different versions before and after its release. But when I do it, it is called copied. Copying is easy. If that's the case, everyone can do it."

"Jawan" made USD 140 million at the box office

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