American studio inks a deal to adapt Kodansha's "ORIGIN" manga

The sci-fi manga is set in a dystopian future world
The sci-fi manga is set in a dystopian future world

8 Dec – Japanese publishing house Kodansha is set to work with Majestic Limited for an upcoming feature film adaptation of its "ORIGIN" comic.

Sharing the good news recently, Takami Yohei, the head of Kodansha's media business unit stated, "Kodansha has always been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of creativity and storytelling by delivering our stories through various media. We are excited to bring a new form of 'ORIGIN,' an amazing sci-fi story created by Boichi-sensei, to the global audiences, and to collaborate with Majestic."

Majestic, the studio that was founded by Josh Boone of "The Fault in Our Stars" fame alongside "Barbarian" producer Danny Chan and "The Big Five" producer Darius Shahmir, also shared the good news in a recent statement, with the latter saying, "This project will redefine the boundaries of manga and entertainment, while delivering an unforgettable experience to fans worldwide. We believe this collaboration will leave an indelible mark on the industry and allow new ancillary avenues to open up along the way."

The comic, created by Korean manhwa-turned-manga artist Boichi of "Dr Stone" fame, is set in near future, in which humanity has achieved incredible advancements in technology and robotics. It previously won the grand prize for manga at the 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival.