Jake Gyllenhaal shows off ripped bod for new movie

Writer: Heidi Hsia

Mean, lean and ready to fight
Mean, lean and ready to fight

7 Mar – Jake Gyllenhaal is getting women squealing for joy and men grumbling with annoyance by showing off his new ripped physique as he began shooting for his new movie.

The actor recently made a surprise appearance at the UFC 285 in Las Vegas, shooting a scene for the reimagining of "Road House" (1989), in which he plays a former UFC fighter.

In a clip shared by MMA Junkie, Gylenhaal can be seen showing off his muscles at a weigh-in, before stepping down and waiting for former UFC fighter Jay Heiron to do the same.

The two then acted out a face-off before Gyllenhaal's character slapped Heiron in the face. He could be heard saying, "I can't even believe I trained six weeks for this s***. Fight this piece of s***. Give me the belt now!"

The upcoming movie is directed by Doug Liman, and produced by Joel Silver of the original movie. It also stars Daniela Melchior and Billy Magnussen.

The actor films scenes for his new movie
The actor films scenes for his new movie
Cinema Online, 07 March 2023